Canada’s dairy farmers are
Fuelling Women Champions

Across Canada, women and girls from all walks of life, at all skill levels, enthusiastically reach their goals through sport.

To achieve. To improve. And for some, to simply have fun.

As champions of healthy living, providing nutrition and playing an active role in our communities, our mission is to see that no hurdle exists that might hinder this passion for the game.

We want to see more goals met, more greatness realized, and the benefits of sport universally enjoyed.

Canada's dairy farmers are committed to:

Improving sport experiences of women and girls across Canada

Drawing attention to adolescent sports’ dropout rates among girls, so that we can all encourage girls in their pursuit of sports into adulthood

Providing financial support to deserving female athletes and teams across Canada

Sharing opportunities for Canadians to cheer for and support women’s sport

In 2016, Dairy Farmers of Canada created the Champions Fund giving away $100,000 in grants to 20 deserving athletes, teams, tournaments or programs. In 2017, the Champions Fund provided another $150,000 in grants to help get more girls in the game.

Female Canadian athletes celebrate success together.

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