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Dairy Farmers of Canada presents

Ridge Meadows Bruins Rugby Club

from Maple Ridge, British Columbia
in the running for a Champions Fund grant!

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How would a $5,000 Champions Fund grant help you or your organization achieve your goals in sport?

As a humble club that is expanding to double in female players this summer, we require more equipment, and travel for our new girls youth team, and developing ladies team.

What financial challenges affect your ability to take part in sport or your organization?

Constantly fundraising through bottle drives, for example to get money for equipment, travel, and hosting visiting teams. We also spend a lot of time donating blood, which takes up time we could use for typical fundraising, but we feel is very important for the community.

What boundaries would you like to overcome or see overcome for women in sport?

Everyone should be a feminist. Gender equality, being a place for girls and ladies to be 100% confident in their mental and physical being. The more girls and ladies we can reach: the more girls and ladies we can help develop in life.

Sports are important to me because…

Promotes physical wellbeing, mental strength, character building, chameraderie, and presents perfect analogies for life: how to work with others, making decisions under stress and how to perform when required.